26 Hole Durable Pickleball Indoor Training USAPA

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Indoor Pickleball Balls USAPA Paddle Ball 26 Holes Pickleball Sport Training Practice Plastic Pickleball Airflow Hollow Balls


Material: PPDiameter :72mm/2.83”Weight:23g/0.81oz


1.USAPA SIZE REGULATION: Each Pickleball ball is 72mm diameter. This indoor pickleball / paddle ball has 26 holes.2.DESIGNED FOR INDOOR USE: These Pickleballs are made with PP material at the regulated thickness for strength and flight ease. The welding process and design means the ball holds its shape longer.3.PREMIUM BALANCE: The single mold balls are equipped with 26 precision drilled holes used to create seamless balance and accuracy during practice and tournaments. Unmatched precision and accuracy during every game!4.FLIES STRAIGHT: The weighted construction was designed to fly straighter in extreme indoor conditions while maintaining an aerodynamic, fluid shot every time. Improve your skills by using the best pickleball gear on the market!5.SUITABLE FOR ALL PLAYERS: Whether you’re a beginner or advanced professional player, these pickleball balls can be used by adults, children and teens alike.

Package 1 Included:

6x Pickleball Balls1x Storage Bag

Package 2 Included:

12x Pickleball Balls1x Storage Bag