adidas RX44 2

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The 2023 adidas RX44 2 Pickleball Paddle is a paddle designed to provide an excellent feeling of comfort in all of your shots thanks to its Fiber Glass Construction. The high density polypropylene honeycomb HD Core will make your shots more powerful in every phase of the game and the added Spin Blade Grit technology will add spin to your most demanding shots.

The adidas RX44 2 will feel familiar from the get-go. This paddle echoes back to many of the traditional paddles of the game, but with some brand new technology. A fiber glass surface provides power to keep your opponents back at the baseline, and the high density 14 mm thick poly core enlarges the sweet spot throughout the center of the paddle.

The 2023 adidas RX44 2 Pickleball Paddle offers the best combination of technology and value for beginners to intermediate level players. It has a shorter grip, making the hitting surface bigger. It has a high density core which help to provide more power.

  • Paddle Width:  7.5"
  • Length:  16.5"
  • Weight:  Approx. 7.9 oz
  • Player Type:  Beginner-Intermediate
  • Colors:  Red/Black/White
  • Composition/Construction:  Spin Blade Grit Surface, High Density Polypropylene Honeycomb HD Core/Fiber Glass Construction
  • Core Thickness:  14 mm
  • Technology:  Structural Reinforcement (Perimeter reinforcements around the paddle), Spin Blade Grit (Roughness), provides a textured surface for great spin and playability.
  • Grip Circumference:  4 1/8"
  • Grip Length:  4 3/4"
  • Shape:  ATTK
  • Sweet Spot:  Top
  • Misc:  USA Pickleball Approved