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These CRBN Paddles have been approved by USA Pickleball and are individually serialized on one side of the paddle face.

The crbn² features the same T700 carbon fiber face as the crbn¹ with a honeycomb polypropylene core. Carbon fiber is the ideal choice of material for paddles because it creates intense spin. A massive sweet spot and consistent compression rates create the perfect balance of power and control. The crbn² weighs an average of 7.8-8.1 ounces to give you the stability you need at the net for blocking and returning hard-hit balls.

The crbn² has a shorter handle, and the face is shorter and wider than the crbn¹, thus extending the sweet spot out wider, rather than longer.

The 13mm core is designed for players who love power. 

The 16mm core for softer feel around the net.

Every Crbn² Paddle comes with a FREE Neoprene Paddle Cover

  • Length:  15.75"
  • Grip Circumference:  4.25"
  • Handle Length:  5.25"
  • Paddle Technology:  T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Composition/Construction:  Polypropylene Honeycomb Core, Raw T700 Carbon Fiber Face
  • Weight:  7.8-8.1 oz.
  • Player Type:  Intermediate-Advanced
  • Approved By:  USAPA Approved
  • Headsize:  8" Paddle Width
  • Misc:  Free Paddle Cover Included