SPORTS Kids Beginner Outdoor Pickleball Set

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Large Sweet Spot: The dimensions are a 40x20cm face, which means that our wooden pickleball set has more surface for catching the balls, great for beginners and intermediate players to get higher quality hits more often.

Durable, our pickleball paddles feature wood construction made from poplar for power and durability. The handle includes a cushion grip with a wrist strap for comfort.

Premium Grip, Perfect Handle Size: the pickleball paddle is comfortable to handle and works well while in gameplay. The grip is perforated, sweat absorbent, and cushioned, to allow for a better paddle grip, for longtime play without fatigue.

Excellent value, lightweight and strong wood, higher and slower balls for easy play.

A great choice for schools, community centers, athletic clubs, and YMCAs. This racket is also a fun pickleball gift for your kids and family.


Material: Poplar

Color: Black and Blue

Size Chart: 40×20×1cm/15.75×7.87×0.39inch

Package Includes:

1 Set Pickleball Racket

Set 1:

2 Pieces Pickleball Rackets

Set 2:

1 Piece Pickleball Racket

Set 3:

2 Pieces Pickleball Rackets 1 Piece Pickleball 1 Piece Storage Bag