Onix Fuse G2 Outdoor Pickleball

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Ready for play right out of the box, ONIX’s Fuse G2 Pickleballs create a consistency between indoor and outdoor game. Designed and engineered specifically for pickleball, these USAPA-approved pickleballs will bring the best experience to your game. The Fuse G2 Pickleballs have exceptional seam welding, making the ball have supreme durability and split resistance. The ball’s superior balance is strategically aligned with the precision-drilled holes for an optimal play experience. Featuring smaller holes and precise weighting, the Fuse G2 Pickleballs are made to resist wind interference and bring optimal rebound to your game. Approved for outdoor tournament play by the USAPA.

  • Type:  Outdoor
  • Bounce:  Proprietary formula and exclusive material deliver the most consistent and authentic bounce
  • Weight:  Weighted heavier to fly straight in extreme outdoor conditions
  • Case/Units:  6 Balls per Box
  • Misc:  Meets USAPA Requirements for Outdoor Tournament Play