XS Sportster Pickleball Training Set

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Pickleball Paddles Set Training Set with 4 Pickle Balls, 1 Carry Bag Portable Pickleball Rackets for Indoor Outdoor Exercise

About this item:

[HIGH QUALITY PICKLEBALL PADDLES】Pickleball paddles the surface is made of high-quality glass fiber, and the middle is made of polypropylene honeycomb composition. The weight is very light, and pickleball set can cushion the sound of every hit of the ball, so pickleball will be quieter.

【ANTI-SLIP DESIGN】The black Pickleball Paddles cushioned handle provides a comfortable feel and better sweat absorption and cushioning. The friction will make the hands and the pickleball paddles have a non-slip effect and will not let your pickleball paddles fall, allowing you to better experience the fun of sports.

【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】Pickleball paddles are light in weight, so they will reduce the pressure on your elbows and shoulders, and will not make you feel fatigued in the game. which will not let your Pickleball Paddles fall off and bubbles, and can be used for a longer time.

【MAKE YOU BE BETTER】This Pickleball Paddles racket can withstand any challenge on the court. Having a high-quality Pickleball Paddles can completely change your game. pickleball set is also suitable for beginners. It is quick to learn and does not affect your love of sports.

【COMFORTABLE SIZE】Our pickleball paddles have the right size, the Grip width is 1.18 in, and the pickleball paddles surface size is 9.84x8.07x0.98in. So you will be more comfortable to use pickleball paddles.

Product Description:

1.The surface of the pickleball paddle is used for glass fiber and polypropylene honeycomb composite material in the middle.

2.The black buffer belt on the Pickleball handle improves the feel and comfort of the pickleball paddle.

3.Beginners will quickly master the skills and be familiar with the easy-to-control pickleball ball movement skills.

4.The pickleball paddle is light in weight, reduces the pressure on the elbows and shoulders, and makes people happy.

5. pickleball set 2 rackets incl 4 Balls 1 Portable Racket Storage Bags.

paddles surface size is 9.84x8.07x0.98in.

Package Included:

pickleball paddle x2pickleball Balls x4pickleball Bags x1