Pro Kennex Black Ace XF

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The Pro Kennex Black Ace XF Pickleball Paddle is the elongated version of the mega-popular Black Ace Pro paddle from ProKennex. Like the rest of the Black Ace line, this powerful pickleball paddle uses an 11mm (0.43") thick polypropylene honeycomb core, with a textured Toray carbon fiber face to add spin to your cuts and slices, powerful response to your groundstrokes, and feel to your placement shots. Whether you are beating up on your friends or winning local tournaments, the high-quality combination of materials will cause the ball to pop off of the face and spin consistently, while limiting vibrations that travel up to your elbow to aggravate injuries.

Setting the Black Ace XF apart from the rest of the line, this version boasts a 16.4" overall length, 7.5" width, and 5.1" long handle. This paddle shape teams up with the precise construction to add power via leverage to your overhead slams and shots from deeper in the court, while simultaneously encouraging you to reach out and return dinks that were previously just a bit out of reach.

  • Length:  16.4"
  • Thickness:  11mm/(0.43 in.)
  • Handle Length:  5.1"
  • Paddle Technology:  Kinetic System Technology
  • Composition/Construction:  Toray Carbon Fiber Face, Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
  • Weight:  Approx. 7.95 oz.
  • Player Type:  Advanced
  • Grip Circumference:  4"
  • Paddle Width:  7.5"