Reaction KX-100

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG: The CORE KX-100 features a multi-layer construction, incorporating an advanced honeycomb polymer core. This innovative design ensures a lightweight paddle without compromising on strength, giving you the perfect balance of power and control.
  • LARGE SWEET SPOT: With a textured graphite face, this paddle offers a true hit and enhanced ball spin. The broad sweet spot combined with a fully balanced design makes it an excellent choice for both beginner and intermediate players. Enjoy precision and accuracy with every shot.
  • REDUCED STRESS, EXTENDED PLAY: Say goodbye to fatigue and discomfort. The CORE KX-100 is exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 6.9 oz. This lightweight construction reduces stress on your wrist, elbow, and shoulder, allowing you to play for extended periods without sacrificing performance.
  • KX CONTROL CARBON FACE: The CORE KX-100 features a KX Control Carbon Face, enabling you to make precise shots with ease. Experience improved ball control and placement, enhancing your overall game strategy and giving you a competitive edge.
  • DURABLE AND PROTECTIVE: The paddle is equipped with an impact-resistant edge guard made from advanced lightweight and durable polycarbonate. The low-profile design ensures maximum protection against mishits while maintaining the paddle's sleek look and feel.
  • DIMENSIONS: The standard-sized head measures 10.6 inches from the grip and 8.25 inches wide, providing a comfortable hitting surface. The grip measures 5.25 inches in length and 4.25i inches in circumference, ensuring a secure and ergonomic hold.

Meets all USA Pickleball Specifications.