Vulcan V910 16mm Pickleball Paddle

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The Vulcan V910 is designed for top players who prefer the thicker 16 mm ZEP9™ core for extra touch and control without sacrificing power. The broad aerodynamic oval face efficiently enlarges and maximizes the sweet spot area.

Features the superior Quatro-Carbon™ surface material technology, which is a 3k cross-weave with two bi-directional layers on each side. Proprietary to Vulcan, and manufactured in Japan, it is best-in-class carbon fiber technology and a first for pickleball. The superior cross-weave pattern features a permanent, textured surface which imparts a heavier ball and more lively spin.

Vulcan’s exclusive advanced-logic ZEP9™ Polypropylene Honeycomb Core technology works in conjunction with the revolutionary Quatro-Carbon™ face to absorb vibration while providing superior feel plus maximum sweet spot area. This dual-system also possesses amazing vibration dampening properties that significantly alleviates tennis elbow.

Features the he Vulcan Max Control grip: with its proprietary synthetic blend and signature maze tread pattern is considered the best paddle grip in pickleball

Weight: 7.8oz